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When you have ‘Public’ email from your Internet provider like Comcast, Wide Open West, and AT&T, or some other free email like Yahoo, Hotmail,, and Gmail, your will always have more SPAM, junk mail, and phony solicitations which can often lead to viruses and harmful malware.  In addition, if you ever decide to change your Internet provider, you then have to change your email address.  What a hassle!

The answer to this is to register your own domain name (that’s what you read after the @ sign in an address), then create an email address at that domain.  For example, let’s say Bob Jones creates a domain name of  Then you can create an email address of Then he can add his wife, Sally, as, son Billy as, etc.

Your new email address can be set up in Outlook or another email program like Mozilla Thunderbird, or can also be accessed from anywhere through Webmail. The domain name costs just $12.00 per year, and email is just $1.00 per month for each address.  Click here to see if your chosen domain is available and get started to more secure email.

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