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Some computer users have nothing of value on their computer.  No pictures, no music, no videos, no documents - nothing that can’t be easily replaced.  However, most people have lots of irreplaceable pictures, expensive music, documents created for correspondence, and maybe even precious videos of family members taken over the years. Anything kept on the computer, no matter how new the computer, is in danger of being completely lost. 

The failure rate of a computer hard drive is 100%.  Let that sink in. 100%.  That means your hard drive WILL fail; it’s not a matter of if but when.  If this doesn’t bother you, then you can quit reading this.  If it makes you more than a bit nervous, you need an automatic backup. 

Data is backed up when it exists in 2 places at the same time.  Now, I have talked with some customers that went out and bought an external hard drive and managed to make backup copies of all their stuff, and a year or two later when their computer failed, went to their backup to find it was either blank, corrupt, or the external drive was defective. The easiest, best way to handle a backup is through a remote service that does the backing up regularly, automatically, with no user action beyond installing some simple software one time.  A service like LiveDrive.

Techbusters can set up LiveDrive backup for you in just a few minutes.  All your valuable information, pictures, music, etc., will be copied to a remote cloud location, protected by 256 Bit, military-grade encryption, at a cost of about 20 cents a day.  That’s $60 per year for peace of mind, no matter how much data or how many computers you have.

Ease your mind and call Techbusters today to get started.

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